When breastfeeding hurts

Sore nipples? Ouch – breastfeeding can hurt badly. Sometimes even on the second or third day after beginning to breastfeed, your nipples can be so sore that you have to clench your teeth when your baby starts to suckle. It begins with slight irritation and swelling on the nipple and areola, and can lead to open cracks and serious inflammation. The wounds dry naturally, producing scabs. When the baby then begins to feed again, the scab can tear off, causing bleeding and renewed scab formation – the start of an unpleasant cycle. Painful nipples are often a reason why women stop breastfeeding prematurely.

But the fact of the matter is that breastfeeding is the most effective health care for your child!

MamaSafe® helps you heal!

The MamaSafe® nipple protector ring protects sore nipples against sticking to clothing, enables air circulation, and effectively assists the healing of wounds.
The 3 cm-thick foam ring ensures that there is enough distance from any material which could come into unwanted contact with sore nipples. You can still use breastfeeding inserts when using MamaSafe®.

MamaSafe® – safe and ecological

MamaSafe® nipple protector rings are made of breathable and absorbent materials (cotton and foam) that are gentle on the skin. They can be thrown away with the normal rubbish without concern. MamaSafe® nipple protector rings are packed in pairs and marked with one blue or one red seam, which helps you to use the same MamaSafe® ring for the same breast each time, thus preventing cross-contamination.

MamaSafe® recommendation for use

For reasons of hygiene we recommend replacing MamaSafe® rings daily. We advise you not to try to re-use nipple protector rings.

More information about MamaSafe® are below available!

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